Qik is Now Skype, Note the Changes

Some news from Qik. So, if you are a Qik user, take note of the changes and the policy since Qik is now Skype. I copied the full newsletter here.

The newsletter

Qik is now Skype

You may have heard but Qik was acquired by Skype earlier this year. And we’ve been working hard to release our latest rev, adding some cool new features. Now you should be able to enjoy live video chat with everyone you know while you’re on the go—even your friends who use iPhones. Yep. That’s right. The new & improved version of Qik Video Connect enables Android users to video chat live with anyone who uses an iPhone (and of course an Android) over 3G, 4G* and WiFi. Plus, you can still instantly record and share videos with your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, on YouTube and more.

*If you have anything other than Qik Video Connect, including multiple apps, delete it/them.
**iOS devices do not currently utilize a 4G network.

Save Video & Update Now!

Qik! Follow these steps:

  1. Save your videos!
  2. Check to see what version of Qik you’ve got.
  3. IMPORTANT: If you have multiple apps on your phone–OR anything other than Qik Video Connect–DELETE it/them! (It’s the ONLY way you’ll be able to enjoy all Qik Video Connect has to offer!)
  4. Download the newest Qik Video Connect!
  5. Now Qik! So you can see what (and who) you’re missing!

Brand New Policies

And because we’re now Skype, we have some new policies in place and our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy have both changed. Effective immediately, the Skype Terms of Use will govern your use of Qik’s software, products and websites and your personal information will be processed in accordance with the Skype Privacy Policy. No action is necessary if you agree with these changes. But if you don’t, you’ll want to review your termination rights in Section 11 of our Terms of Use.

You Can Click Here to Read Online

I found that the link has some issue now. Anyway, you can read it here.

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