Recommend: OneMap Singapore and URA PMI App

This is one of my attempt to recommend apps (Android, WP7 and iPhone/iPad). Seriously speaking, it is not easy. First of all, what may be seem to be a good app will become boring after a few days. So, in this recommendation post, I try to focus on what I think is good on these apps.

OneMap Singapore App (iPhone App)

For those who had used OneMap on its website will be familiar with the layout. It is quite basic actually with just a “Search” and “Get Direction” feature.

What is great about this app is the updates.  As this app is initiative by the Singapore Government, the map is up to date. In fact, even if some areas are under construction, there will be “U/C” to indicate.

This app is good for people who wants to see a new area in Singapore. I think that it can transer all the goodness that we find on the online map to this app. For example, on the online version, you can see plot, school and etc information.

So, lets hope that this app can improve over the time. In the meanwhile, you can find this app free from iTunes App Store.

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Next, the URA PMI App

URA Property Market Information (iPad/iPhone)

There are so many property market app on the App Store. However, because this is from URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority), you can trust it.

And as you might suspected, it is using OneMap as the overlay of their information. With this app, you can see the properties in Singapore by Alphabetical order or by Street, District or Map view.

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Once you click on one property, it will show you the average price (psf) of the transaction and others (see below screenshot).

This will be good for people who are looking for property to quickly access the information to make the right judgement. The app is free.

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