Google Added Maths Puzzle to Cr-48 Destroy Video – Video Within

A video from Google shows an unlucky person who gets his Cr-48 destroyed many times while he is doing his work and still able to continue because of cloud computing. However, in one of a scene in this video, it shows a mathematical equation. It was an ingenious way of Google to add in this hoping that someone can solve the puzzle.

I took a screen image of the video and adjusted it so that you can see the formula properly.

According to the information,

.. a Sylvain Zimmer, who, together with a group of like-minded geeks, set about trying to solve it and discover its meaning. A full day’s worth of cryptographic work later, Sylvain was left with a set of numbers he was able to convert into letters, which in turned spelled out “speed and destroy.” Appending, Google’s URL shortener, to the front of those words got him to a screen congratulating him for being “first to figure out our MENSA-certified puzzle” and promising to send him a Cr-48 laptop as his prize.

That is the prize for being a Maths Whiz. Watch the video below.


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