Nokia N8 Review: Accessories

Thanks to Nokia, I have been able to get hold on one of their latest N8 handset. If you have frequent the blog, you should have already seen the Nokia N8 in action. However, what I did not see on the Internet is the accessories. I must say that the accessories that come with the phone is awesome.

Here is the look of the box.

And here is how it looks when you open up.

So, what’s inside the box?

First, the usual stuff.

Data transfer/Charging cable

It is using the MicroUSB port for data transfer and charging.

Next, the charger.


If you notice, the charger is quite slim. It has a extendable leg (which I think is a good design).

Here is how it looks after the leg is extended.

Next, did you notice the charging port. It is NOT the usual MicroUSB port that you have seen on other devices. To that, I must say that the Nokia hardware team is commendable. Why?

There are other accessories which make use of the MicroUSB port. If the port is used for charging, the rest of the accessories cannot be used. So, Nokia has an additional port for charging. I am sure that it is the same type of port from other Nokia devices.

Mini-HDMI to HDMI Cable

This is the cable for converting to standard HDMI output.

OTG (On the Go) Cable

In my opinon, all phones should have this kind of connector. It is basically a USB connector. I used a standard 16GB thumbdrive and plug into the port. It can detect the thumbdrive and show the contents.

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What is amazing is that it can play RMVB files (as it has a REAL player in it).

So, where do you connect this port? It is the same port as the MicroUSB cable. On closer inspection, you can see that the MicroUSB Port is rectangular in shape and it is different from conventional USB port.

So, that means that you are not able to use the cable on other devices.

Next, lets take a look at the earpieces. Yes, it comes with it.

It is not just the usual call on/off button type of earpiece. It has the control for scrolling the music tracks.

You can control play, pause, next/previous track. It has also volume control and call receive/end button.

On the back, it has a clip to clip on the shirt.


I think Nokia has done well providing such wondering collection of accessories together with the phone. The phone itself is well built with Gorilla Screen (that is better than tempered glass).

I love the camera. After using so many type of camera phones, Nokia N8 is the closest one that resemble a standard point-and-shoot camera. It has Carl Zeiss lens (which makes a lot of differences) and it has a nice flash plus the low light capability.

Finally, I must say that the Nokia Hardware team has come up with an awesome hardware but I could not say the same to the software team.

The software itself needs a lot of tweaks. In my opinion, this is one of the most important aspect of a user when using the phone. If the user dislikes the UI (User Interface), there is no way that it can be compensated with hardware.

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I will blog about the user experiences in another post. Right now, I am busy collecting users’ comments on the phone.