Singtel Nokia N8 Event with David Archuleta

I was invited to this joint Singtel Nokia Event. Highlight of the event is of course Nokia N8 and David Archuleta of American Idol (Runner Up – 2008).

The event was held at Zouk Velvet Underground (for the Press Conference) and Zouk (for the David Archuleta showcase).

There were already many fans waiting for the showcase even though the start time is at 5:30pm (conference was at 3:30 pm).

Once inside Velvet, there are many Nokia N8 for us to meddle with.

The compere for the conference was the Muttons.

We had two Nokia Executives to tell us more about the Nokia N8. I guess many of the people there are actually waiting for David Archuleta to appear.

Anyway, they touched on the features of the Nokia N8 which I agree. The 12-MegaPixel camera, the many vibrant colors to choose from and the HDMI output.

Finally, David Archuleta appeared. He has such a charisma at such young age. Nice!

He is always smiling and at times, humming some songs.

Most of the questions asked are related to his singing. Of course, at times, he mentioned that he loves the camera on Nokia N8. BTW, he has a blue one and he mentioned he also like the silver one.

You know the drill. The rest are for the fans. Click at the link below for his higher resolution pictures.

Finally, a picture with Nokia execs and of course, Nokia N8.

Click Here for the Pictures in Higher Resolution