HTC Afternoon of Delights Showcased Windows Phone 7

Was invited by HTC to an Afternoon of Delights at St. Regis with a handful of media people. We had fun playing with the latest Windows Phone 7 devices from HTC and of course, to understand HTC directions in the Windows Phone 7 market.

The event is an informal one. It was more of a high-tea than an event. During the opening speech by Wayne Tang, he clarified that HTC is still committed to Windows Phone. He further explained that the recent launch of 5 Windows Phone 7 handsets (3 available locally and 2 overseas) shows the commitment from HTC.

For your information, HTC showcased 3 WP7 during the launch on the 12th Oct event. We have the chance again to play with them and interact amongst ourselves on our experiences with the devices.


The HTC HD7 with its big screen has the highest specs (less the 5 MegaPixel camera which is lower than Mozart’s 8 MegaPixel).

One of the feature for HTC HD7 is the kickstand.

Click Here to HTC HD7 Official Website

HTC 7 Mozart

The HTC 7 Mozart has an 8 MegaPixel camera and a sleek design. From HTC, it is built on a single piece of brushed aluminium.

The battery are taken out from the bottom.

Click Here to HTC 7 Mozart Official Website

HTC 7 Trophy

The HTC 7 Trophy, in my opinion, is the most basic among the three handsets. It has a nice overall black color.

Click Here to HTC 7 Trophy Official Website

Overall, I think Microsoft has taken a big risk by introducing a totally new Windows Phone 7 OS, and introducing it so late. I hope that they can catch up with the apps and with competitive pricing.

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Looking at the WP7 devices from different manufacturers, I guess HTC has scored by providing SRS Wow HD sound quality (on some models) and also providing a nice overall design (like addition of kickstand).

Software wise, Microsoft has made many restriction on how manufacturers can change them. Nevertheless, HTC has introduced the HTC Hub and a slew of applications that is exclusive to HTC devices. This is set a unique experience for HTC users.

That is it! A short and meaningful meetup with HTC and the media.