LG Optimus 7 Media Conference in Singapore

On the 12th October, Singapore media was greeted with the new Windows Phone 7. It was quite a long wait. Right after the Microsoft launch, LG held their Optimus 7 launch in the same premise.

The event was graced with Microsoft Singapore executives.

Our host for the evening.

The first speaker was Mr. Woody Nam, President and CEO of LG Electronics Asia.

Following that, Microsoft was up to talk about he partnership with LG.

On the Agenda list, I was quite surprised that Steve Ballmer was in the speaker list. Nevertheless, he did appear (in video) to congratulates LG with the Optimus 7 launch.

Next, Mr. Arthur Huang gave a more in-depth view of the partnership with Microsoft to come up with Optimus 7. I was quite surprise that so many Microsoft engineers were involved to optimize Optimus 7 with Windows Phone 7.

Here is a simple map to show the timeline for Optimus 7 launch. Singapore will be getting it at the end of October 2010.

Next, we were introduced to 7 LG Optimus 7 efluencers. You might find some familiar faces here.

Next, they announced the LG Optimus 7 Advocates. They are local celebrities that were selected by LG for their various background.

3 of them went on stage to tell us about their experience with LG Optimus 7.

Finally, it is shooting time for the VIPs, Advocates and efluencers.

Following that we broke up into different sections for the demonstration of Optimus 7. After that, we had a lucky draw. Seven lucky person got a new LG Optimus 7 home. I am not one of them.

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