Google Driverless Car Project Getting More Attention – Video Within

Just days ago, Google announced that they are testing driverless car. Now, it seems that everyone is talking about it. Of course, the project is still at its infancy stage. However, with technology, this might be the future. Meet the driverless car.

Google’s has tested various models of the driverless car and they claimed to have traveled 1,000 miles fully autonomously. Actually, Google is not the first to start driverless car project. It has been there for years. However, I think that (after watching the video), the technology involved is quite sophisticated and it might just work. The only thing is to blend the clutter (radar) and etc into the car.

If this thing works, we might be able to text, eat or read newspaper while traveling. Watch the video from ABC News. I admire the courage of the lady reporter.

Here is another video that has similar (if not same) hardware as Google’s driverless car.


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