Interesting Apps on Windows Phone 7 MarketPlace

Some interesting Apps available on Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. However, my favorites are still not ready for release as of this writing (17th October 2010).

My take on those interesting apps. BTW, I did not want to try out non-free apps unless there is a trial selection.


The app is free and I have try it. Very nice. It is able to recognize the songs that I played on another phone. And best of all, it is free.

Pictures Lab

It is a paid app. You can use the camera to take a pic or use an existing picture. Once taken or selected. There is a effects tab that you can click. Once done, you can see the various effects on the picture.


Twozaic is a paid app. I have not tried before but here is a video of how it works

Unit Converter

This app is free from Microsoft. Basically, a handy converter.

There are many more but I feel that the above are worth mentioning.

Here are some up and coming ones.


Here is a look at how Twitter looks like on Windows Phone 7



I could not find PDF reader for Windows Phone 7. It is actually an important app. Anyway, more apps will be coming after the 21st Oct.

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