HTC Desire HD and Desire Z Launched in Singapore Event

HTC launched the HTC Desire HD and Desire Z in Singapore on 7th October. I was there to witness the event. Also, not to forget, the was also introduced during this event.

The event was held at 72-13 and many local media were there. From my understanding, there are a total of 3 sessions for HTC that day. Morning is for Media, afternoon for Partners and evening for Public.

Here are a few shots of the reception area.

The event started with Melvin Chua giving us a warm welcome.

Following that, we have Wayne Tang, the Country Manager, to give us an overview of HTC Desire HD, Desire Z and

Wayne’s speech is similar to the one done at London launch. I suggest you head down to HTC Official Youtube Channel for the content.

Click Here to Watch the London HTC Desire HD, Desire Z and Launch

For your information, the HTC Desire HD and Desire Z comes with Kobo Reader for reading ebooks and at this moment, these 2 phones are the only phones supported for The availability of the phones is November at a recommended retail price of S$888 for HTC Desire HD and S$868 for HTC Desire Z.

After his speech, the showcase and demonstration was officially unveiled.

We were spilt into groups during the registration so that we can test drive the HTC Desire HD navigation software. HTC has collabrate with Subaru to provide 5 vehicles for the demonstration.

During the short trip, we were shown the capability of the navigation. I will talk about that in another blog post for HTC Desire HD.

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My ride is the latest Subaru Legacy, a powerful 2.5 liter saloon car. The HTC Desire HD is mounted with a holder.

I forgot to ask if this holder is part of the package that comes with the phone. 3 of us were in the car. One of us was the driver.

Overall, the navigation seems ok but we have not got the chance to stress-test it.

After the ride, we proceed to hands on the devices. I will do separate post on the devices. Here are a few shots of them.

HTC Desire HD

Lighter than my HTC HD2 although both have the same 4.3-inch screen. The capacitive screen is fluid and I must say, this is the best touch screen experience on an Android device.

HTC Desire Z

The form factor is good. Because of the Z hinge, the keyboard can be fully ultilized.

A look at the Z hinge. Actually, you can use one hand to display the keyboard. However, because of the hinge, it will snap open the keyboard.

I proceeded to the demo area for The area was separate in the Red Alert and etc to differentiate the functions found on BTW, the was officially available today (7th October).

The Dashboard look on

I must really give HTC a thumbs up for the initiative. Some of us were thoroughly impressed by what can offer. It has Forward call, Forward Message, Locate phone, Secure phone and Erase phone functions which I think is useful. Trust us, we tested almost of the functions to ensure that it works (except for the erase phone function, of course). Will talk about that in another post.

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That is it! Hope that you enjoy the coverage. More to come on the hands on and close ups of HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z.