Sony Developed First 16.41 MegaPixel Sensor for Mobile Phones

If you think 12 Megapixel on a mobile phone is an overkill, Sony has upped the race with the first 16.41 MegaPixel “Exmor R™” back-illuminated CMOS image sensor for mobile phones.

According to Sony, this is the first time they commercialized the “Exmor R” sensor for used on mobile phones. Along with the sensors, Sony also launches two lens unit for them.

There are a lot of models and technicality on Sony news release. I try to grab the main points. BTW, pictured above are two lens module and two sensors. On the left is IU081F lens module and IMX081PQ 16.41 MegaPixel sensor (below) and on the right is IU105F2 lens module and IMX105PQ 8.13 MegaPixel sensor (below).

“IMX081PQ” is world’s first*1 type 1/2.8 back-illuminated CMOS image sensor which realizes 16.41 effective megapixel resolution, and adopts the industry’s smallest*1 unit pixel size of 1.12?m.

“IMX105PQ” is a type 1/3.2 back-illuminated CMOS image sensor which realizes 8.13 effective megapixel resolutions for higher sensitivity and adopts a unit pixel size of 1.4?m.

As mentioned earlier, “IU081F” and “IU105F2” compact auto-focus lens modules are also developed inline with the above sensors. With the sensors and lenses, Sony is able to achieve better  high quality photos and videos even in low light settings. These sensors are capable of shooting 1080p at 30fps or 720p at 60fps.

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