Aerial Swarm Fleet Invades the Sky, Are You Ready? – Video Within

Swarm fleet of micro flying vehicles are invading the Switzerland skies. Created by EPFL School of Engineering, these robots are meant to be unmanned and used in rescue work by creating communication network for rescuers.

The concept is simple. An aerial robot that is unmanned and able to communicate amongst one another and the base station, thus rapidly creating network that might be needed for disaster rescue operation. Here is the actual SMAVNET (Swarming Micro Air Vehicle Network) design.

Click Here to EPFL SMAVNET Project for More Details

Today, I watched the iRobot (by Will Smith) again and it kept me thinking. Will this day come when robot are clever enough to “overwrite” the human. Then, I remembered reading this post on Engadget a few days ago and when I watch the video again, I think this concept is similar to those as shown in iRobot. The robot has independent mind yet a common goal with base control. Watch the video, what do you think?


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