LG Roadmap and LEX8 Nano Full LED Technology Explained – Video Within

Ok. The title sounds like I am teaching you something. I am not. In fact, what I am showing you is some knowledge I acquired from the recent LG Blogger Forum in Berlin. So, what is LG up to (Infinia roadmap) and what its inside the latest LG LEX8 Full LED TV?

Here is how the LG Blogger Forum is conducted.

A welcome speech by Mr. Lee from LG.

Followed by the roadmap for LG products.

As you can see, the focus this year and next year will be their Nano LEX8 Full LED TV. I will try to explain (simply) the technology behind it. I think it will be good to know the current trend in the market so that when you want to choose your next LED TV, you know what to look up for.

Of course, the focus here will be the Nano Full LED TV (LEX8). Key strengths of the Nano Full LED TV is LG’s three key factors:

  • NANO Lighting Technology
  • Micro Pixel Control
  • INFINIA Design

So, what is so different between conventional LED TV and a Full LED TV?

You see, if it is edge LED, it means that LED are at the edge and it may NOT form an uniform lighting experience. For Full LED, the LEDs are spread uniformly across the screen (as shown above).

And with LG’s NANO full LED technology, it makes the viewing experiences even better. BTW, the LED are spread across diagonally instead of horizontally.

Differences between Edge LED and NANO Full LED.

And something more about the NANO lighting technology. In short, when it pass through NANO technology, it spreads the light more evenly across.

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Next, the Micro Pixel Control. Black will be more “black”. It sounds simple but to get the deepest black on a LED TV is never easy.

Another important aspect of a LED TV is the frame rate. For the LG LEX8, it has TruMotion that has a frame rate of 400. That means there are 400 frames per second (400 Hz). This is especially good for fast moving action.

Finally, the LG Infinia design. What is it?

I did not realize that to make the bezel thin is such a difficult process. LG has managed to reduced the bezel to just 1.25cm. And to top that up, LG has managed to decrease the thickness of the TV to just 0.88cm (or 8.8mm). That is thinner than my HTC HD2!

Overall, as a layman, I am very impressed by the screen quality and the thin design. One question is where does all the connection goes? Well, it is actually at the base of the LEX8 Full LED TV.

I am quite a layman in terms of LED TV. I thought this video of the LEX8 might impress you 🙂 . Taken at LG Booth at IFA 2010.