LG Digital Press Conference on Optimus Smartphones And Question on Tablet – Video Within

I was invited to LG Digital Press Conference held at Stereolounge at Pan Pacific Hotel today (14th September). It was a joint conference with many countries logging on to the webcast.

The place was “decorated” with LG booths with Optimus One (LG-P500).

A close up of Optimus One.

The Optimus One is 13.3mm thick. The feel is quite solid.

The Bottom View

The Top View

The Optimus One comes with a 3 Megapixel camera. From the settings, it is not able to take HD video.

Here is a short hands-on on the Optimus One.

BTW, the Optimus One has the “with Google” logo. That means that the design of this phone is together with Google team to optimize it.

Finally, the Press Conference starts. It is actually a very short conference. The interesting thing is that for Questions and Answers, LG is using Twitter as the platform to ask questions.

It started with an introduction of LG Optimus range of Smartphones,  the LG Optimus One and Optimus Chic. You can find the Press Release here. Both phones are running on Android 2.2 (Froyo). Click here for their specifications.

The idea of the link up is good. However, during the Press Conference, there was some lagt, causing the screen to freeze. Here is LG philosophy on Optimus One – Socialise More, Play More, Organise More and Discover More.

The birth of Optimus One and Optimus Chic (in video).

The reason why LG choose Android 2.2 as the Operating OS (in video).

Finally, the Question and Answer Session.

As mentioned, the Q&A is via Twitter. And you can see above, the questions appeared and Mr. Skott Ahn, President and CEO of LG Mobile Communication Company will have to answer it. One particular question might have caught him by surprise.

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Any Progress for LG Tablet?

Actually, rumors of LG Optimus Pad has been around for a while since the leak of the slide. And now, Mr. Skott Ahn confirmed that LG will be making a Tablet but no news on when it will be ready. Watch the video.

Finally, the conference ended. However, because of some technical issues during the conference, we were given additional brief by LG product manager.

Here are some interesting slides.

Comparison of Optimus One with Competitors (I assume it is based on the same price category).

Next, features of Optimus One

Based on LG, Optimus One can install more apps in Android Market as compared to competitors.

Optimus One (16,839 apps), Competitor B ( 9,252 apps), Competitor A (14,612)

And Optimus One can support more games based on OpenGL.

The above pics show LG Optimus One on the left, HTC on the center and Samsung on the right. And the game is Raging Thunder 2.

Finally, we were told that since Google Navigation can only be used in US, LG has added a navigation software into it. I took a look at it. The app is actually NDrive.

And LG has also mentioned that Optimus One is targeted at people who are just starting to use the Smartphone. Therefore, they have included an app that can help them to decide which app to install. It is called, LG App Advisor. Here is a short video on how it works. The list that was generated seems to target free apps and games.

So, that is it for LG Digital Press Conference. Hope you enjoy my coverage. BTW, I checked with LG Singapore. Optimus One should be available next month (October) at a price range of S$400 to S$500 without contract.