Jailbreak iPhone 4 with JailBreakMe.com – Video Within

Updated! Easy Instruction on Jailbreaking your iPhone!

iPhone 4 is ready for Jailbreak! Comex and company has managed to pull this off. I was following this news for some time already. Finally, there is a website and easy to follow instruction to jailbreak. Of course, do it at your own risk (although in their website, it mentions it is totally reversible and I believe).

Before rushing to get to this site, you have to know that this site is accessible only if you use your Safari browser. Once inside, you will see the above screen.

Click Here to JailBreakMe.com

From Engadget, after their 7th updates, it seems that the hosting of the website has improved the bandwidth and also, the problem on FaceTime and MMS features are also fixed.

Click Here for Instruction on how to Jailbreak by RedMondPie

and if you are still not convince, watch this video on the step by step instruction.

Next, you will need to fix the FaceTime and MMS issue.

Click Here for Instruction to Fix FaceTime and MMS Feature

Credits go to Engadget for the superb coverage and updates.