The Wildest Idea from China, Straddling Bus to be Real Soon – Video Within

This is the strangest and wildest Bus idea that I have seen. China has decided to help reduce traffic and pollution problem in the city by coming up with this wild design that incorporate green, space saving solution. It is called “straddling bus”.

The concept is simple, current bus emit pollutants and cause massive jams in the city during peak hours. The Straddling Bus is built to reduce this issue. It is a gigantic bus that cars can travel underneath it (like a moving tunnel) and at the height of less than 4.5m, it is just below most structure (overhead bridge). See the artist impression of it.

It has sensors all over the place to ensure that motorist are aware of its height constraint (to give the straddling bus a pass) and also warning for motorist underneath it when they get too close to its side.

The bus has solar panels and special electrical line to charge itself. It can be boarded from the top or by the side (like an MRT). And it can park itself on the road at the end of the day so that you can even save the parking space.

BTW, this project is REAL! The Beijing Mentougou District has already planned out 186 km for our straddling bus. Construction will begin at the year of the year.

Watch the video.

If you think it is too difficult to understand the meaning, click the below link for a full translation.

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