More Windows 7 Tablet by End of the Year, Ballmer Says at WPC

Expect more Windows 7 Tablet from different hardware vendors by end of the year, this is what Ballmer told the audiences at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington. Ever since the acquisition of Palm by HP and the demise of the Courier project, there wasn’t much news from Microsoft on any tablet.

Now that Ballmer has mentioned officially during the WPC, I am sure he meant what he says.

According to the report, he mentioned hardware vendors like Asus, Dell, Samsung, Toshiba and Sony. He did not mention HP as we might already know what HP is up to. Anyway, some might argue that Windows 7 does not make a good tablet OS while others are fully in favor of a full Windows OS with little limitation (I am the latter).

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What do you think?

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