Microsoft Band has UV, heart rate monitor, GPS built in (video)

Microsoft has quietly announced the Microsoft Band. Before you dismiss it as another activity tracker, check out the features (UV Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor, GPS and etc). It has color touch screen, compatible with iOS, Android and of course Windows Phone 8.1. And it is available now (only in US) for USD199.


Here is the introduction video.

To use the Cortana feature, you will need a Windows Phone 8.1. I know that many will be skeptical about it. Here is a link to the super long (16minutes) unboxing and introduction video of the Microsoft Band.

Click Here to Check Out the Unboxing of Microsoft Band

I think Microsoft has outdone the competitors this time round with the Band. The only issue I see is that the battery can last just 48hrs. Not so fantastic at all. But with a touch screen colored display, this should be the expected battery life.

Hopefully, Microsoft will decide to sell it internationally.

Click Here to Check Out Microsoft Band

If you have noticed, Microsoft Band is linked to Microsoft Health. If you want to know more about it, click the below link.

Click Here to Know More About Microsoft Health

Do you think that this Microsoft Band is awesome? In my opinion, with the market saturated (almost) with so many activity bands, Microsoft Band is a breath of fresh air. Let me know how you feel.

PS: Did you notice in the Microsoft Official video, the band is worn with the display facing inside? 🙂