FourWhere Integrates Foursquare and Google Maps

If you are in Foursquare and love Google Maps, FourWhere is for you. It integrates Foursquare and Google Maps so that you can find out all the buzz surrounding an area.

It is simple to use. Right click on a location and it will show you the options.

It is a little buggy now. I suggest you use the zoom buttons on the left side as my scroll zoom did not allow me to right click for the options.

FourWhere is web based at this moment. There is no apps yet.  From their website.

FourWhere is public service so there’s no need to register or sign in. All you need is your web browser and Java Runtime. Go ahead, start discovering the world around you.

FourWhere is built by Sysomos using the public data from Foursquare and the Google Maps API.

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