Starhub SmartSurf Vs PowerValue, What is the Differences? I am Disappointed

As mentioned this morning, I am unhappy that the new SmartSurf Plan is much value-added than my current PowerValue Plan. Just called up Starhub Customer Service (1633) and spoken to a person by the name of Ross to confirm the differences and at the end of the call, I am more disappointed.


First of all, I studied the differences before I called Starhub. When I finally called me, they told me: –

  • The SmartSurf is not just for iPhone
  • The SmartSurf has 12GB data plan
  • The SmartSurf has 500 SMS/MMS while the PowerValue has 500SMS/500MMS
  • The Price Differences

So, I politely asked if I can change my plan to SmartSurf and I was told that I need to fulfil 21 months of contract before I can switch.

So, I further question them on the data plan max amount that I need to pay if I exceeded the 12 GB. I was told that it would be S$48.

I asked the reason why I can’t change the plan and I was given the politically correct answer, “it is under the terms and condition”.

So, in other words, I would have to pay Starhub the extra money as they do not allow us to use the plan that is the most suitable for user like me (as I signed up their MaxMobile Premium (1GB at S$19.90) for my mobile phone and I have to bear another one year before I can switch plan.

I am now wondering if I told her that I would be purchasing the iPhone now, will I be given the choice to change to SmartSurf without question?

I am sure many people had called or at least asked the same questions. This is a major disappointment from Starhub.

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PS: I asked about my Pre-Order on HTC HD2 and I was told that I would need to wait for “them” to call. I asked who is the “them” and she mentioned they are the Sales Department.

However, I told her that I went to Starhub at Vivocity the other day and I asked the counter about the pre-order, they referred me to Customer Service a few shops away. When I asked, I was told that it is the marketing department.

She only says, please wait for the call or email. I further questioned her that some others already got the call and phone and she repeated the answer again.

I think this is a big NO-NO for Starhub with such answers. Maybe I was quite aggressive (but polite) in the conversation. But isn’t that the job of the customer service to handle such customers?

Even said. I will wait…