Secret Screen Tilt on Google Mobile Search

This might be a joke from engineers at Google. Apparently, they have added a little twist to the word “Tilt”. For those holding to an iPhone, do a search on the word “tilt” and see the results. But, there are more..

As you can see above, when you search for the word “Tilt”, the screen tilt. So, I tried on the iPad, it works.

So, what other devices work. I tried on:

  • WP7 – Does not work
  • Android – Work

But just a little note. Most browsers will go to desktop version when you search. It will not work on desktop version. You will have to go to mobile version.

So, what others work. Of course, Google Chrome will work.

And what does it do? Nothing! It is just some fun that Google inject into the search engine. Is there any other words that will do some other “magic”. I don’t know. However, if you know, please share 🙂


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