Singtel Ups the iPhone Price Plan War with Increase in Free Data Usage to 12GB

Singtel felt the heat of its two rival, Starhub and M1. It has announced that it will increased the free data from 512mb to 12GB. However, the official website does not carry the latest price plan yet.


Heard the news this morning that Singtel has “upgraded” its plan to match rival Telcos.

SINGAPORE – Hours before its two rivals began selling the iPhone – in M1’s case, at the stroke of midnight – SingTel launched its return salvo of price plans to match, and in some respects exceed, their deals.

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In fact, HardWareZone had already done their homework yesterday. I guess the users are the biggest gainer this time 🙂 .

Information from HardWareZone as of 8th December 2009

iPhone Price Plan Comparison – Low-End
Plan M1 iPhone Value Starhub 3G Smartsurf 100 SingTel iFlexi Lite
Monthly subscription $36 $38 $39
Outgoing talktime 100 mins 100 mins 100 mins
Bundled SMS 500 500 500
Bundled Data 10GB 12GB 12GB
iPhone 3GS 32GB Price $658 $668 $658
iPhone 3GS 16GB Price $518 $538 $518
iPhone 3G 8GB Price $398 or $0 with Take 3 $388 $388

iPhone Price Plan Comparison – High-End

Plan M1 iPhone Unlimited Starhub 3G Smartsurf Unlimited SingTel iFlexi Premium
Monthly subscription $198 $205 $205
Outgoing talktime Unlimited 2000 mins 2000 mins
Bundled SMS Unlimited 2000 2000
Bundled Data Unlimited Unlimited 30GB
iPhone 3GS 32GB Price $0 $0 $0
iPhone 3G 8GB Price $0 $0 $0


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