Google Maps for Mobile Version Upgraded with More Features, Download Yours Now!

If you have notice, you will realized that Google Maps Street View on Windows Mobile is different from Android or iPhone OS. On Windows Mobile, there is no zoom (and of course no Compass Mode) and also you cannot move up or down on the Street View. Today, I downloaded a new version (Version 3.3.1) from Google and you are able to pan up and down and also it import your Starred items into it (if you activate Latitude). Nice!

2009 12 08_08 17 56_0126_111g

Some other changes includes the way the address shows up. Now, you have a small icon by the street name.

2009 12 08_08 14 10_0123_111g

And when you click on the address it will let you have options to view Street View or other things.

2009 12 08_08 20 28_0127_111g

You can also see the layout of the menu is different now and with the Starred Items.

2009 12 08_08 15 04_0124_111g

Here is a look at the Starred Items.

2009 12 08_08 15 39_0125_111g

So, don’t wait anymore, get the latest version today! 🙂

Click Here to Download the Latest Google Maps on Mobile


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