New Volkswagen Polo, New Features and At Affordable Price

Many of us (like me), when we are sourcing for cars, we tend to skip those European cars. Why? Expensive! This is what I gathered from my friends. However, many of us has forgotten that looking beyond the expensiveness, there are so many safety features that we tend to ignore (unless something happens – Touch Wood!!).

Volkswagen has recently launched their latest Volkswagen Polo. When I say latest, it also means it has the latest features that will wow you and of course, the price and specs will make you wanting to get one immediately. I sound so much like advertising? Read on and you will know why I say you will want one.


(BTW, the picture is just an illustration. Specs and outlook may vary. Go and take a look at the real thing)

If you are a first time buyer, you will definitely want to look at the price. According to Volkswagen, price starts from S$63,300. With this price range, I am sure I am getting you interested 🙂 .

Beyond the car price, let’s look at safety. I am not talking about standard safety like Air Bags, ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) and etc. They should be the standard for every car nowadays.

I am talking about things like NCAP, ESP, DSG and etc. The acronyms sound foreign to you? Me too! Until I got them explained. DO NOT skip those terms that you are NOT familiar. Because other cars do not have them doesn’t mean that you do not need them!

5-star Euro NCAP (New Car Assessment Programme) safety rating

The new Polo is the safest Polo ever, achieving the maximum 5-star rating in the new, tougher crash tests carried out by Euro NCAP (the independent body that assesses the safety of new cars).

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Click Here to Europe NCAP Website

Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP)

New Polo is fitted with the latest Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP), which detects critical situations at an early stage, and takes action to help bring the car safely back under control.

BTW, ESP is the product name for Volkswagen. There are different names from different companies. The common name for this feature is ESC (Electronic Stability Control).

For example, when your car is on wet road and you skidded, the ESP will kick in and stabilise the situation. Difficult to visualize? Here is a video of a Volkswagen with and without ESP. This shows the importance of having ESP in cars.

Click Here to View the Video

I could not show nice pictures of those as they are built internally and invisible to most of us. However, they are essentials on road safety.

There are more technology and safety features in the VW Polo like these :-

  • Anti-lock Braking System
  • Galvanised body
    • Volkswagen can confidently offer a 12-year body protection warranty
  • Exceptional body rigidity
    • a safer car that offers a smoother, more agile drive
  • Laser-welded body shell
    • Makes your new Polo safer and stronger.
  • Electronic engine immobiliser
    • Our advanced electronic engine immobiliser raises the level of security in your new Polo.
  • Rear parking sensors
    • Parking your new Polo is easier with locally fitted rear parking sensors.
  • Crash active front headrests – safety optimized head restraints
    • Volkswagen whiplash-optimised front head restraints react in milliseconds to help protect you from injury
  • Airbags
    • Volkswagen includes airbags in all VW cars to cushion impact of collisions and reduce the risk of injury. As a safety feature, it’s essential.
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7-speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox

Combines the ease of an automatic with the sporty feel of a manual gearbox.

This is something I love. I missed my manual gear but I also wanted auto. This is the best of both worlds. Imagine your wife, girlfriend wanted an automatic transmission car for driving with ease while you wanted something that you can control the power (like a manual transmission car) or vice versa. VW Polo is the one that you may be looking for.

Now, let’s look at the cosmetic aspect of the new VW Polo (I call it luxury items 🙂 ).

  • Door mirrors with integrated turn signal
  • Remote central locking
  • Leather-covered 3 spoke steering wheel with decorative matte chrome inserts
  • Under-seat drawers
    • I like this. Neat arrangement
  • “Climatic” semi-automatic air-conditioning
  • Driver-centric cockpit
    • Drivers must be able to have the “cockpit” view of the display. Good!
  • Stylish new interior
  • Front centre armrest
    • A must for me actually. I have seen friends buying off market product to be able to have this feature but you know, they do not match the car interior. So, it is a nice feature.
  • Front & rear power windows
  • Isofix child seat fixings points
  • Boot space/folding seats
    • The new Polo has plenty of boot space plus practical folding rear seats so you can carry larger items.
    • Asymmetrical split folding of rear seats bench and backrest, with double cargo floor
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So, I think I have talk too much on the Volkswagen Polo. You should NOT BELIEVE every single word here. You MUST TEST DRIVE IT yourself as the car is part of your lifestyle.

To recap, the VW POLO has all the upmarket Safety Features, nice interior with latest Technology and the best price for its class.

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