3M Pocket Projector, Camcorder Projector and Privacy Filter Review

Thanks to 3M, I am able to review two of their latest pocket projector. One of them is MP160 and the other one which will be on sale from December at selected stores (check 3M website for the list participating stores), the CP 40. CP 40 is actually a camcorder cum projector. BTW, I will also be reviewing 3M laptop privacy filter.

3M MP160 Pocket Projector

3M MP160 Pocket Projector has  a very small footprint. It is perfect for people who travel and need to present to client. Because it has a built in battery, the presentation can be anywhere, in a cafe or a small room. You can project on any surface – preferably one that is white and smooth one for best results – to do the presentation.

The 3M MP160 is quite handy (see pictures below).

It has a simple interface. On the back, you can see a tripod hole to mount the tripod (provided). As it is a standard size hole, you can also mount it on other tripods.

The MP160 has a built in battery (can last about 2 hrs). On the back, it has a power port and a input port.

On the front, it has the lens and a focus dial for the lens.

Key features of the 3M MP160 Pocket Projector.

  • It is portable and sleek.
  • It has 30 lumens brightness with or without connecting to adaptor.
  • It can project up to 80 inch diagonal projected screen size
  • It has 20,000 hours of LED life and recycle packaging material, attribute to low carbon footprint.
  • Image and color quality is very good with Lcos Technology
  • It has SVGA resolution
  • It has  a Long battery > 2-hour battery life – Usually enough for 1 movie screening
  • Can be used as a MP3 player with two 0.75W speakers
  • Connect to mini-stereo speakers, e.g. X-mini, for an enhanced viewing or listening pleasure
  • A pass-through unit compatible with iPhone & iPod (with option cable), gaming devices like PSP, DVD player, PCs, digital camera and handphones
  • Ready-to-go with almost all relevant accessories already included.

As mentioned, the 3M MP160 has almost all relevant accessories. It comes with quite a number of cables and adapter for most needs. It even has a mini tripod with the package.

It also has a wide variety of power adapters.

And together with the package, it has a number of cables that you can used. One is for direct input from serial port (computer, laptop) and the other is the standard audio and video input.

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BTW, there is also another model, MP180. MP180 has all the features of MP160 and additional features like: –

  • 4 GB internal memory
  • Touchpanel controls
  • WIFI connectivity and Blue Tooth compatibility

The MP160 is now on pre-sales launch till 15 Dec. Early birds will get a free Presentation Binder – a bag to house the projector and its accessories, plus a projection screen – that is worth $50, but while stocks last only. For MP180, the estimated launch date is late Q1 2011. Click the below to 3M Projector website.


You use the unit with Dexim accessories to project the video from your iPhone or iPod Touch to the MP160 Pocket Projector.

Using the 3M MP160 is quite simple. Press and hold the on/off button to power it on (or off) and if you fixed it to the devices, it will show the content just like any projector. I love the handy size and the internal battery.

3M CP 40 Camcorder Projector

If you think that portable projector is cool, then this 3M CP 40 Camcorder Projector will definitely push the cool factor higher. As the name implies, it is a camcorder and a projector built into a small and sleek unit.

Here are some features of this 3M CP 40 Camcorder Projector


  • It is Portable and sleek.

  • You can share instantly with the built-in projector.

  • It captures 720p HD video and 5 Megapixel still picture (F3.0 aperture). Notice that there is a flash unit. You can turn it on while taking videos or photos in a dark setting.

  • Projector brightness of 14 Lumens (AC mode) and 12 lumens (battery mode)
  • It can stretch up to 65 inch diagonal projected screen size. There is a focus dial for you to adjust the sharpness. Of course, you will need a darker area as you increase the projected screen size.

  • It has 20,000 hours of LED life and recycle packaging material, attribute to low carbon footprint.
  • It has expandable microSD card slot, up to 32 GB.

  • Superb image and color quality due to Lcos Technology. According to the information, the lab test results is better than Nikon digital projector camera.
  • VGA resolution
  • Long battery > 2-hour battery life (which means it can last for a standard full movie)
  • There is a AV connection where you can either connect a earpiece or to mini-stereo speakers (e.g. X-mini) to enhance the listening pleasure.
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  • A pass-through unit compatible with iPhone & iPod, gaming devices like PSP, DVD player, PCs, digital camera and handphones using the appropriate cables.
  • Tripod mount compatible with most tripods for DSLR or camcorder.
  • Mini HDMI output.

The 3M CP 40 Camcorder Projector will launch from 1st December 2010. Do visit the website for more details.


I really like the fact that you can record in HD and project out the video immediately. I used it on my friends and they were surprised at the quality of the video. I guess if you are one that love to shoot and share, this camcorder projector will definitely be your best choice.

3M Privacy Filter for Laptop and Mobile

When you are outside, using your laptop or mobile on a train, cafe or public area, do you have that feeling that someone is reading from your devices?

If it is for leisure, I guess it might mean no harm. What about something important, like business information and etc. I think it will be better to prevent those roving eyes from prying on your stuff before its too late.

3M Privacy filter for Laptop or mobile may be your answer. Here is some results after using the filter. BTW, what I am showing you is not camera trick. This is my setting. I set my camera to Manual mode (F5.6, 1/80s) with Flash. The pictures was enhanced using Level function and resized on Photoshop.

This is when you are watching the laptop in front of you with 3M Privacy filter on.

This is when you (or someone) watching the laptop from the left (about 45 degrees from center) with 3M Privacy filter on.

This is when you (or someone) watching the laptop from the right (about 45 degrees from center) with 3M Privacy filter on.

Notice that the pictures are all blacked out. As mentioned earlier, you have to see to believe how good it is.

I know that many people feared that using a Privacy Filter may darken the screen a lot. I tried on my laptop. Yes, it is slightly darker than without the filter but to me, this is still ok (if that is to prevent people from looking at your content).

Some key features of 3M privacy filters.

  • Superior quality against competition
  • 1.5 times more effective privacy compared to competition**
  • Clearer and crisper on-screen data than competition***
  • Reversible – choose matte or gloss screen finish
  • Reduce 95% screen glare with matte surface
  • Notebook Privacy made in USA
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**Measured at the angle of +-33 degree or 10% outside the 60 degree viewing angle. Independent study conducted by Pace Analytical Life Sciences, LLC, December 2008.

***Independent study conducted by Pace Analytical Life Sciences, LLC, December 2008

Also, some things to note. The installation of the 3M privacy filter is simple and in future, if you need to remove it, it will not cause any residue on your screen.

Notice the strip in front of the filter. They are the holders for the 3M screen. Easy to install.
So, if you need a privacy filter, you know which brand to get 🙂 .

3M is now having Xmas promotion from now till 31st December 2010. Go check them out. They have various sizes to choose.


I find that the privacy filter, although simple, is a great product to use to prevent information being read by others. Installation is easy and dismantling it is also a breeze. It has all shape and sizes to fit your needs. On their website, you can input the brand and model of your laptop to get the model number of the 3M privacy filter. It is THAT easy.

BTW, there is also privacy filter for selected moble phones, like iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy.  Besides offering privacy from that someone sitting next to you and peeps over your shoulder, the matte finish on the filter will also helps reduce that annoying reflection on the screen for easier reading.  In addition, it will protects the expensive screen from the rigors of the everyday use.