Spooky Trail Footage Shows Strange Noise and Orbs – Video Within

I survived my first Spooky Trail with the good people of API (Asia Paranormal Investigators). Thanks to 24Seven for organizing this events for Bloggers and Twitterers. The trail starts from Newton Circus Hawker Center at 9pm and ended in the wee hours at 2am. In total, we visited 3 eerie places and did some scientific tests to prove that spirits exist (or not). Video after the break.


As you may know, 11th September is still our seventh month in the Lunar Calendar. It is also called the ghost month. Many Chinese believes that Spirits or Ghost will wander the Earth during this month. Many activities were on going throughout the month, like this one shown below.



We were ushered to the bus and greeted by our friendly “phantoms”.



Our tour leader for the night is of course, Charles Goh, the founder of API. We were not given any locations before hand and were curious where we were heading for our first stop. (Pictures without watermark are courtesy from Zane. Thanks 🙂 )


Here are two shots of the bus in different “moods”. Nice!



Finally, our distributing our torchlight, we were told that we would be heading to Bukit Brown Cemetery. It was an abandoned old Chinese Cemetery. To make the event more interesting, we were group in fours and ushered to walk a trail along the graves to find the “village of the dead”. It was quite interesting. Did I feel anything? Nothing. Here are some interesting shots of the short walk (Thanks to Zane for the pictures. I did not bring my DSLR for this trip).

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BTW, Ee Von’s camera goes haywire. I was trying my best to see what’s wrong.


And we found another pair of “ghost” washing clothes along a drain.


Following the luminous sticks, we reached a house. I was shocked to hear that someone actually lived in the house together with the tombstone.


He chose to avoid us and the dog, cat gave us that unfriendly look (and a lot of barks). The place is crawled with ants. I really wonder how he lived there. Here is his motorcycle.


Finally, we were out on the road.


BTW, we did bring back something to the bus, ANTS!


The next stop is Old Changi Hospital near the old Singapore Commando Barracks (Hendon Camp). Urban legend has been circulating that the place is haunted. We were given a brief description of it and proceed to the open area of this hospital (actually the back of this hospital). We did a few experiments to prove that ghosts do or don’t exist using Infra-red sensors, MP3 recorder and TV receiver.


Flour was poured into a circle and we were told to stand inside the circle. Nothing religious. Just want to see footprints if anything steps into our circle.


This is what I captured in video. During the experiment on white noise, a strip of green light went passed. I did not notice it until I reviewed the video. Next, Charles shouted “Can you hear me?” in a bid to see if anything responded. We could not hear anything but he mentioned that it may be able to capture on digital device. I was a bit stunned to hear something after he spoken the words when I reviewed the video. BTW, it was around 12 midnight when we reached there. Watch the video now.

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Then, we went down a flight of staircase (very dark and old).


Some complained of foul smell coming down the stairs. We did a poll. 13 people encountered the foul smell. 8 of us did not. Could not explain even though some of them went up again to search for the original of the foul smell.

The we went along the side of the Old Changi Hospital. Here are some pics.


Here is a close up of the orb.


They can be scientifically explained.

Click Here to Read about Orbs

Some more pics. They are more on graffiti than ghostly pictures.




Proceeding, we went to our last location, Choa Chu Kang Cemetery. It was filled with candles. Quite a nice sight if you ask me. Here are some pictures taken.


Those are unnamed tombstones.



That’s me trying to get a close video shot of the place of worship.


The air was a bit cold and when I saw the trees against the sky with the moon in sight, I could not resist to take a picture of it (even though ist is blurry).


And here is the sign of Choa Chu Kang Cemetery.


Finally, we headed back to Newton Circus Hawker Center, tired but learned something on Singapore History. Did I see anything spooky? No. The whole trip was fun and educational. Charles has done a good job on guiding us on this tour. If you visit Singapore, remember to try out this Spooky Trail. It is under one of the Unique Reasons to Visit Singapore.

A nice cupcake from API before we depart.

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