iNQ Mini 3G Unbox and First Impression

Since the  launch of the iNQ Mini 3G social phone on the  14th September, I have seen comments on blog post saying that it is just a normal looking phone. I must admit that at first look, it is very plain looking. However, when you power the iNQ Mini 3G up, you know that you have gotten a unique phone. I am one of the lucky ones that got a review set for a few days. So, I will try my best to see if it lives up to the expectation of a social phone or not. For now, just a few pics to share.


The box is one of the highlights of this phone. I love it!


Even the small details are not left out.


Here is what you get inside. All labeled properly.


The charger is actually using a USB cable. In fact, you can use the USB port of your computer to charge it.


This is the headset. Note that it is using a mini-USB as opposed to a normal 3.5mm jack type.


Here is a shot of the back view of the iNQ Mini 3G.


Close up of the camera. It is a basic (no auto- focus) camera.


Side views



Back views and battery.




After using it for a day, I think it is rather easy to use. Sometimes, some menus will lag but it could be multi factors like downloading speed and etc. Will do a review and walk through later.