Free Phone Creep Software Remotely Access Your SMS, Listen to Your Phone Calls

Don’t let this software get into the wrong hands. Apparently, this programmer is able to do this program because of the vulnerabilities in the Windows Mobile platform. With this software, you can access the SMS of another phone remotely, view history of SMS and listen to someone’s call.

As this software is supposed to work behind the scene, there is no screen shot at all. More details of what damage this software can do after the break.

From the website:-

Currently it has the following features:

  1. secretly and remotely read incoming / outgoing sms
  2. secretly and remotely delete incoming / outgoing sms
  3. secretly and remotely view call history
  4. bounce sms messages off remote phone to someone else.
  5. create a pop-up message on phone
  6. send a secret fart sound
  7. secretly and remotely listen to person. (Initiates silent call back of person to your phone with thier speaker phone enabled)
  8. also send listening in call to somebody else’s phone.

The way it works is so simple. Install, reboot. After that, just send an SMS command to the phone and you get what you wanted, without the knowledge of the person owning the phone. Hopefully, Microsoft has patched this issue on WM6.5.

Click Here if You want to Know More about this Phone Creep Software.


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