QTRAF Gets Live Update on Singapore Traffic Condition, ERP – Free Download

I chanced upon this software by accident and would like to share with everyone here. This software is called QTRAF or Quantum Traffic. It is a program to check ERP rates, get traffic updates (from Singapore Land Transport Authority) and also indicates traveling time on various expressway. The best of all, it is free to download.


I used my HTC Touch HD to test this program. Actually, this program is NOT user friendly for HTC Touch HD. As long as your phone can J2ME, you are able to use it. Currently, it is supporting: –

  • Non-GPS Phone Build – Works on Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola
  • GPS Phone – Works on most Nokia N-series
  • Windows Mobile/ UIQ Phone – Works in Windows Mobile with Java Virtual Machine installed
  • Blackberry Phone – Works on most Blackberry phones

Click Here to Download the software

However, I think that the development has stopped. It was debut in Comex last year (2008) and seriously, I did not hear anything about it.

Here is my review about it based on Windows Mobile 6.1 (HTC Touch HD).


You will need to download a ZIP file. Grab those files into a folder on your phone. When you click on QTRAF.jar, it will automatically install into your phone. The two files will no longer be there.

Running QTRAF

To run QTRAF, you will first run JBlend which can be found on the Program page. After running, you will see QTRAF. Click on it.


When you will QTRAF for the first time, you will need to register. I spent some time onto it as it seems that there is a problem. However, after some test, I found that you will have to use a DPAD to navigate the screen. Only the lower grey portion of the screen is touch screen enabled.

As HTC Touch HD is not having a DPAD, I make do using the Full Qwerty keyboard which has the directional button on it.


To select an item, you will need to use the DPAD or Arrow Buttons to navigate to it and then hit the Return button.

The Main Menu consists of 4 icons.

  • Incident Reports
  • Travel Time
  • ERP
  • Options


Incident Reports let you get updated to the latest Traffic condition (from the website, it states that it is from LTA Singapore). See the top picture to get what I meant. BTW, from the website, it is able to support phone with GPS. There is a “On Road” option in the Menu. You can select it. However, on my phone, it states that my phone is not supported.

Travel Time shows the major expressways and if you select anyone of them, you will get the traveling conditions. It uses different colors to denote the different situation. Green means OK and etc.



You can download the Instruction Manual Here


ERP lets you can see various ERP Gantry Points. Select them and you will get the latest update. If you are accessing it during an ERP timing, you will be able to see the ERP rate during that period. There are only 2 options in this menu, car or motorcycle. No mention of lorries, buses and etc.




Options allows you to select the auto update timing. It also allows you to increase or decrease the font size.


This software is obviously outdated. First of all, it doesn’t have KPE (Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway) and it does not have information on all the vehicle types for the ERP. The software was updated in Oct 2008 and has not been updated since.

I do use the Incident Reports to see what is going on on the road. It seems to me that the update stops during weekends. Why? I am not sure.

Have you use QTRAF before? Let me know your user experiences. I would love to hear from you.

BTW, below is the link to their website. Have fun!

Click Here to QTRAF Official Website

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  • Hi Guys,

    Yes, we had stopped the development of QTRAF as it was completely free.

    However, since we seem to have quite a few users, we are looking to restart development with some of the cool new tricks we can now do at QI.

    Do feedback the features you need to my email address – saurav@qi.sg

    Then, I can see if we should re-start the development and see if it can be kept still free.

    Drop me a message.

    Quantum Inventions.

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