Information of Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Chassis 1, 2 and 3

Microsoft has been working on Microsoft Phone 7 for some time. During its launch, we only see one touch screen model being demoed. Now, there are news that in fact, Microsoft may have classified the criteria for installing Windows Phone 7 Series. They called them Chassis, and there may be 3 of them.

The three Chassis are described as (according to source): –

Chassis 1:

  • For PC makers developing “big touch screen” phones.
  • Touch-only devices, with 1 GHz processor and a dedicated graphics processor

Chassis 2:

  • Support real sliding keyboards plus touch.
  • More Palm-Treo-like (??)

Chassis 3:

  • May be in bar format

With the tightening of the phone criteria, I really hope that future phones will be more reliable. Current models of Windows Mobile phones always have issues. If there is standardization, I am sure future software for Windows Phone 7 will be better (cross finger, more games please!)


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