Don’t Cyber Bully or Else

I saw this article in Singapore Straits Times and I thought it is good that I spread the message across.

Are you being cyberbullied? Have you been socially outcasted because someone painted a bad picture of you across the Internet?


Bad news is that there are thousands and thousands of cyberbullies around. Sometimes, you are a victim of cyberbully and you are unaware of it.  Good news is that you are not alone and there is a website that provide such information.

This site, is created by a Singaporean, Mr. Gilbert Goh. It is heartening to know that he started the site to help victims of cyberbullies.

Excerpt from his website:

This site also aims to educate and provide affected victims with online counselling support. They can email us about their online sufferings and a counsellor will reply the person as soon as possible.

If you have experience of cyberbully or how to stop cyberbully, please visit his site to put in your comments or email to you.

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