For the sake of your children, you might want to download notAnoobie app now

Parents, day in day out, I am sure you will be worried or even curious what your children are doing online when you are not around to supervise them. Worse of all, they might be having online problems or being cyber-bullied.


What is worse is that you might only find out when it is too late. What if there is a tool that can help you to understand more about their world so that you can identify signals/problems or just to improve your knowledge of the cyber world? What if you can also read success stories of youths overcoming their online problems and learn from them? Sound interesting?

Sometimes, it is good to know something before it happens. That is why, SingTel and TOUCH launch the first Cyber Wellness Mobile App. It is an info-Resource app for parents.

Imagine, you no longer need to surf the Internet to answer your questions on the behavior of your children when they are online. You can rely on this app to know exactly what happen.

Sounds good? You have to try it first, right? (pro tip: you can uninstall if you don’t like it 🙂 ). It is available on iOS and on Android platform. Just search for notAnobbie and you should be able to get it.

I copied this information from their Press Release.

Annex 1

Features of notAnoobie

The app covers six key areas and trends of cyber wellness:

  • Problematic gaming
  • Mobile technology overuse
  • Social media
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Inappropriate online content
  • Protecting one’s personal privacy online

In each trend, there are four different options available for more information about each area:

  • Articles
    • Written by cyber wellness experts from TCW, these articles contains information about the current trends involving each key area, with more information on how to manage and improve the children’s cyber wellness experience.
  • Reviews & Resources
    • This section features game reviews and links to popular websites, containing information that parents should look out for (e.g. Information on games that contain in-app purchases using real-life money and information on how parents can use this game/social media to better connect with their children.) There are also resource links for parents who may require deeper knowledge on cyber wellness issues.
  • Success Stories
    • This section contains TOUCH Cyber Wellness clients’ personal stories on their experience in each of the cyber trends highlighted. It contains both positive and negative anecdotes of youths, and how they managed to eventually overcome their cyber challenges. The stories are written by clients from a first-hand perspective, to allow parents to appreciate challenges faced by youths and gain a deeper insight into their digital lifestyle.
  • Quiz
    • notAnoobie features an interactive mini quiz to help parents fully understand the information presented in the app, Parents can take the quiz to aid in their understanding of the cyber trends.
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A unique feature of notAnoobie is the “Tip of the Day” feature which pushes bite-sized useful tips on cyber wellness issues to users.  The tips are also written by TOUCH and published 365 days a year.

And here is the official Press Release

Press Release

SingTel and TOUCH Launch Singapore’s First Cyber Wellness Mobile App

Info-Resource App for Parents to Safeguard Children’s Online Activities

SINGAPORE, 10 July 2014 – SingTel and TOUCH Cyber Wellness today launched notAnoobie, Singapore’s first cyber wellness mobile application designed to help parents better understand and protect their children from online risks.

notAnoobie helps parents gain deeper insights into their children’s online activity while on-the-go. The app features the latest on cyber issues, game reviews and real life stories of youths who have overcome their online problems. The term “noobie” refers to a novice.

Technology helps to connect people, but it also exposes them, in particular youths, to online risks including inappropriate content and mobile addiction. Two surveys[1] show that six out of 10 youths have experienced a negative situation online such as cyber bullying.

Mr Eugene Seow, Executive Director, TOUCH Community Services, said: “Many parents have told us that they are often clueless about their children’s online activities. Yet, they are and should be the first line of defence when their children run into problems. With notAnoobie, they can now keep abreast on new media information and are better empowered to guard their children from digital pitfalls, while guiding them to become responsible online citizens.”

Content on notAnoobie is developed by TOUCH’s coaches and counsellors with extensive experience in cyber wellness education and counselling. SingTel funded the development of the app. For more information about notAnoobie’s features, please refer to Annex 1.

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Mr Andrew Buay, Vice President, Group Corporate Social Responsibility, SingTel said: “As a responsible corporate citizen and the market leader in digital and mobile solutions, SingTel is committed to playing a key role in promoting cyber wellness by leveraging our technologies, capabilities and resources.”

“With notAnoobie, we want to equip both young users and parents with the necessary knowledge to manage their digital footprint, protect their privacy and safety, while enjoying the benefits the online world offers,” Mr Buay added.

Besides cyber wellness and online safety, SingTel’s community focus also includes educating children and youth with special needs, supporting and training youth with disabilities for gainful employment, as well as the inclusion and well-being of vulnerable segments of the local community, especially persons with disabilities and seniors.

TOUCH Cyber Wellness, a service of TOUCH Community Services, is committed to providing quality cyber wellness education to children, teenagers, parents and educators. Since its inception in 2001, its cyber wellness programmes have reached out to more than 1 million students, educators and parents from over 320 schools.

notAnoobie by SingTel and TOUCH is free for download from the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store by mobile users in Singapore on any network.


About TOUCH Cyber Wellness

TOUCH Cyber Wellness (TCW), a service of TOUCH Community Services, is an award winning and market leading agency in the arena of school-based cyber wellness and new media literacy programmes. TCW is Singapore’s pioneer and leading non-profit agency advocating cyber wellness and new media literacy for children, teenagers, parents, and educators.

Within the school context, TCW works closely with youths, educators and parents to cultivate respect, a balanced lifestyle and responsible use of digital technologies to effect a positive and healthy cyber culture at home, in school and community.

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TCW is also the first agency in Singapore to develop an “Adolescent Pathological Video Gaming Treatment Model” in use since 2006. This model was validated by Dr Timothy Sim (Associate Professor, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) in 2012. TCW is currently the only service in Singapore that provides a full suite of cyber wellness programmes in education, mentoring and counselling to students, teachers and parents.

About SingTel Corporate Social Responsibility

SingTel is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen in all the markets where it operates, with the aim to drive positive and sustainable changes across its four key sustainability pillars of Marketplace and Customers, Community, People and the Environment.

SingTel’s strategic approach towards community support and development is to enable the inclusion and well-being of people and help them realise their potential through its core competence in digital and infocomm technologies. SingTel believes that it can drive positive and sustainable changes to disadvantaged communities, especially the vulnerable children and youth, through the support of corporate and workplace giving, staff volunteering and leveraging its skills and ICT innovations.

Read more about SingTel’s corporate social responsibility and programmes at

[1]a) Microsoft (2012).  Online Bullying Among Youth 8-17 Years Old – Singapore. Retrieved from

b) Symantec (2011). Norton Online Family Report. Retrieved from