jaxtr Lets You Call Anyone Anyway for Free on Your Phone

Updated: My problem was solved almost immediately via Twitter. That is the power of Social Media. Thanks to @touraj (Founder of jaxtr) and @smartohana for the prompt support).

This is NOT the typical VOIP program that most people use to call other parties. It does NOT use WiFi to connect your call. It also does NOT charge you a single cent.


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What is good about jaxtr? It is free and you just need to call a local number to the other party. However, the other parties must also be a member to jaxtr.

Below is a video from jaxtr to illustrate. Actually not much details… anyway, you should get what it is trying to say.

To use the free service, you will need to be patient. Why? Because it will take a few steps for you to make the first connect.

  • First, you will need to key in your number (it can be mobile or normal phone number)
  • jaxtr1
  • Next, you will need to verify your own mobile. They will call you and you will need to enter a simple 2 code number (eh.. I failed at this step.. Now waiting for support to show me how to).

The profile page will look like this.


BTW, as I mentioned, your contact must be a jaxtr member so that you can enjoy the free call. If not, you can also call but you will need to pay a fee.

Here is the rate. There are more.


Click Here to See the Rate

Some information from TechCrunch.

The last few months have been rough on Jaxtr. Only a few months after closing an $11 million funding round, the company was forced to lay off 13 employees, and then saw its CEO Konstantin Guericke resign (VP Engineering Bahman Koohestani is acting as an interim CEO).

Some information on jaxtr.

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Follow this link.

That’s it for now. Will keep you updated after the jaxtr support contact me. 🙂 Solved!!