Twitter Freaks, What is Next after TweetLater? Meet PostLater

If you have been on Twitter for a while, you may know about TweetLater. It is a free scheduler for you to send tweet even if you are not around. It is more of a scheduler than a real micro blogging tool (on Twitter). With the introduction of PostLater, it may change the way Twitter is going to become.


With PostLater you can:

  1. write several posts when you’re experiencing that energy and inspiration boost,
  2. then drip feed them into your blog, and
  3. easily coordinate marketing, SEO, or news campaigns across multiple sites, including microblogging platforms.

PostLater schedules updates for Twitter,, and FriendFeed.

And, with its support of, you can schedule updates for ALL the related platforms supported by

Check it out. The list of supported platforms is impressive.

However, I must say that we may miss a very IMPORTANT point with regards to Twitter. It is supposed to be a simple platform to let your friends know your activities. Period.

Hmm.. It is getting more complicated now. BTW, it is not free (US$9.95 per month)

Click Here to PostLater.