Sony Touch Screen Walkman – Finally?

Something may be happening at Sony. With the recent influx of touch screen players (e.g. iRiver Spinn, Apple iPod Touch and etc), Sony may be looking at this direction.


According to source, this good looking Walkman may debut in CES 2009. As you can see, all players are in similar direction. Clean, large screen and etc. What may be interesting is what this player offers. Of course, at this moment, the specifications are not confirmed. However, these are the information available.

  • 3-inch OLED display (possibly that 3.3-inch panel making the rounds, or something more Sony specific)
  • Running a touch interface with many similarities to the current Walkman players.
  • inclusion is WiFi, enabling a YouTube app, over the air podcast downloads
  • Built-in access to Amazon’s MP3 store
  • An unspecified web browser.

BTW, the picture you see is just a mockup. We will need to wait for CES2009 in January or nearer to date.

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