Perfect your Golf Swing using a Gyro Swing Golf Club

If you are playing golf, do you want to learn how you can swing the perfect swing? I guess the answer is a straight forward yes. However, if you don’t have a coach, you may do all the things wrong. Now, there is a solution using technology.


This Gyro swing Golf  Club from the golf outfitter SKLZ. It corrects the swing  and guide you to follow the correct route down to the hole.

What is inside this swing is actually a 20,000 RPM motorized gyroscope in its head. The device creates resistance when you’re off-plane or your mechanics have broken down, which for most golfers is all the time.

It cost US$219.99 to own his Gyro Swing Golf Club.

The package includes rechargeable batteries and accompanying battery re-charger pack, Rick Smith instructional DVD and Head Cover.