Sitex 2008 – CyberClean – Video Link

Just came back from Sitex 2008. I have to say that I don’t see any Recession look at those shoppers there. There are so many people that it took me half an hour just to park my car. Anyway, this post is not about me but about something that caught my attention at Sitex 2008.

More information and pictures after the break.

This product is a combination of what I think will be a great product. This product is actually called CyberClean. This CyberClean helps to clean unreachable places. In this post, I will talk about cleaning keyboard.

Whoever cleans keyboard will know that it is difficult to clean thoroughly. Some may disagree with me. They can use little vacuum cleaner to suck out unreachable place. But, how about cleaning with  disinfecting action? It not only catches germs, it also “kills” them. Cool? I took some pictures of the brochures and the product and also I have a video of the product in action.

It is like a dough. You can tear them apart and combine them again. I ask the sales people over there. They told me that it will slowly discolour over time (and usage) and we can dispose it when it turns pale. I will try it and update everyone.

Video of CyberClean in Action

Click Here to Watch the Video

Click Here to Go to CyberClean Website