Check Out the 210W HyperCharge from Xiaomi

If I tell you I could fully charge a phone in 9.3 minutes 2 years ago, I think people will say I am crazy. Now, with HyperCharge from Xiaomi, it is a reality (sort of).

This technology was unveiled during MWC 2023 (happening now). It uses three chips and two batteries to achieve it. Check out this proof of concept (not available to consumer yet).

For context on how fast this charging is, the latest iPhone 14 series has a maximum of 25w charging speed, and the Google Pixel 7 Series also has a 25w charging speed. The latest and greatest Samsung Galaxy S23 series has a maximum charging speed of 45w.

The Xiaomi HyperCharge is a few times faster than them. China companies have been developing charging technology for years. I think it has to do with people wanting to get the juice into the phone ASAP instead of carrying a power bank. Care has been taken on safety too. So far, I am happy with the charging speed of China brands of mobile phones.

What is your take on this?