Good Bye, Mr. Sim Wong Hoo

Today is a sad day for the tech industry. We heard the sad news that the Founder and CEO of Creative Technology, Mr. Sim Wong Hoo, had passed away on the 4th Jan 2023 at the age of 67.

I had the chance to talk to him in 2018 during the introduction of the SXFI Amp. Back then, little is known about SXFI technology. It was not a media event. I bought the SXFI Amp, and they held a demo session to let us know how powerful the technology is.

Thankfully, Mr. Sim was there, and I managed to capture this picture with him. We started to talk about the SXFI and how much time and effort was put into developing that technology and device. He also asked me to guess the upcoming SXFI Air (at that time) and told me I would be surprised. I was sold and bought one unit during the pre-order.

During the discussion, I could see Mr. Sim’s passion and involvement in creating those Creative products. It is very sad to hear that he has passed on at this young age.

The first time I encountered a Creative Technology product was the Sound Blaster card on PC. It was huge when it was launched. I was in awe when games were played on PC with the Sound Blaster card (as compared to the PC speaker). It was a game changer, and I was proud that it was and still is a Singapore product.

All the best to Creative Technology in the future, and I am still looking forward to those awesome and affordable products.