Settle Your Bills with qlub

With qlub, F&B owners and patrons of these outlets will have an easy time settling the bills. For patrons, just scan the QR code and pay (no app and no registration). For restaurant owners, you have lesser worries about a shortage of staff to settle the payment queue.

qlub is not the first company to use QR codes to scan and pay. However, it has some interesting features. You can pay the bills in various options, such as paying as a group, splitting the bill, and tipping your favorite restaurants. Just scan the QR code, and you will be given the flexibility of paying with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, or Union Pay.

Based on the Press Release, there are not many restaurants with qlub yet. Check out the Press Release for more information.

Press Release

No more long queues or waiting times: Settle your restaurant bill at your table in just 10-seconds with qlub, the fastest payment solution now available in Singapore

Singapore – Say goodbye to long queues at your favourite restaurants with qlub, an ultra-fast pay-at-table QR payment solution that enables dine-in customers to settle bills in just ten seconds.

With no app download or registration required, qlub allows patrons the ease of paying their restaurant bills in various options, such as paying as a group, splitting the bill and tipping their favourite restaurants. All it takes is the scan of a QR code, with customers being given the flexibility of paying with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, or Union Pay.

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“Singaporeans often spend a large amount of time queueing at restaurants, spending an additional 5-15 minutes just waiting for their bill. The whole process can be such a hassle and is actually avoidable for both customers and restaurants alike,” says Yong Sik Hoe, Chief Operating Officer of qlub SEA.

According to research done by qlub, more than 90% of Singaporean customers experience long queues at restaurants. With qlub, you don’t have to waste all that precious time lingering in between processes.

“You can conveniently settle your restaurant bill at your table in as quickly as ten seconds, split the bill amongst friends and family, or even tip your favourite restaurants, without the need to grab the waiter’s attention. It’s convenient, fast and simple,” Sik Hoe adds.

Customers also don’t have to worry about unnecessary physical contact such as passing menus around hand-to-hand, as restaurant menus would appear digitally on qlub’s interface once the customers scan the respective QR code. With all the components and hassles of eating out settled by qlub, customers can look forward to shorter queue times at restaurants as tables are turned faster (restaurants can save up to 15 minutes per table).

“We definitely prioritise both the customer and F&B merchant with qlub, as we want to keep abreast with Singapore being an increasingly digitised country – especially in the space of quick and easy contactless payments post-pandemic. Over 87% of Singaporeans already prefer that,” Sik Hoe adds.

With faster tables turned, F&B franchises also benefit abundantly from the Dubai-based Fintech startup web app by increasing sales while optimising staff operations altogether. Since qlub operates on contactless payments, the need for F&B staff to attend to customers physically would also be reduced.

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“qlub makes our work easier as our guests can conveniently make payments at their table. Thanks to the tipping function, we received more tips which can incentivise our staff!”, said Mugilan, Shift Manager at Merci Marcel (Tiong Bahru).

Mavis, a waitress at HK Style Seafood Hotpot adds, “We really like that customers can pay the bill at the table with their phone. qlub helps us to save time and focus on serving the customers, especially during peak hours. Things have become much more efficient for us.”

qlub is backed by the highest PayTech seed deal ($17mil) in the first quarter of 2022. Co-led by Cherry Ventures and Point Nine, along with several other global VCs including STV, Raed Ventures, Heartcore, Shorooq Partners, and FinTech Collective as well as numerous angels, including major players in the digital food industry such as Delivery Hero.

Currently present in the UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Turkey, Australia, Japan and India, the company is planning to expand their footprint to other markets worldwide. Powering more than 1,000 restaurants globally, qlub is already adopted in all 5 of Merci Marcel Group outlets (including French Fold), Ayam Penyet President, Jibiru Yakitori & Craft Beer, Si Wei Mao Cai, Mac’s Cafe & Bar, and more. Globally, qlub is powering Günaydin, Nolu’s, YO! Sushi and Almayass, and many more.
Drop by Merci Marcel Group restaurants, Jibiru and more to experience the fastest checkout to land in Singapore. For more info about qlub, visit or email Alternatively, you can contact qlub at +65 3105 1171 or visit their Instagram at to find out more. T&Cs apply.

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About qlub

qlub is  an ultra-fast QR payment solution for consumers in restaurants, offering instant payments of bills within 10-seconds – simply by scanning a QR code by phone, without any app downloads or registrations required.

Customers can easily split the bill with their friends and pay the bill with Apple Pay, Google Pay, local and international Debit and Credit Cards. The benefit for restaurants is multifold, including higher turnover of their tables, higher tips for their waiters, minimising costs for restaurants, and happier and returning customers. If you are a restaurant, reach out to our website for more information.