What You Can Do with the New Google Wallet in Singapore

Did you know that Google Wallet has just arrived in Singapore? First of all, do not be confused with Google Pay and Google Wallet. They complement each other but they are individual apps.

Here are the differences between Google Pay and Google Wallet.

Google Wallet is a secure and private digital wallet that lets you store items like:

  • Payment cards
  • Flight and event tickets
  • Transit passes
  • Vaccination cards
  • Loyalty and gift cards
  • Digital car keys
  • Campus IDs

Google Pay is an app that lets you manage your money and your finances. It lets you:

  • Get insights about your spending and spending habits.
  • Send money to friends and family or split bills.
  • Earn rewards on eligible transactions.
  • Find offers from your favorite merchants.

Some of the questions about Google Wallet. Check out the one about the Google Wallet in Singapore.

Google Wallet – Questions Answered

Why is Google doing this? 

  • In the last two years, we have seen a rapid increase in digitisation of every essentials that we carry in our wallets. What started with payment cards has expanded to airline tickets, loyalty passes, event tickets and vaccine cards. We are launching Google Wallet as a core part of the Android experience and provides fast access to a growing suite of digital items that exists in your wallet today.

What digital items will Google Wallet support?

  • Google Wallet will support payment cards, boarding passes, event tickets, loyalty cards and vaccine cards. We also plan to support mobile driver’s license, car keys, hotel keys and office badges.
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Is Google Wallet different in Singapore compared to other countries?

  • For the majority of countries who use Google Pay, the app already acts primarily as a wallet where people can store things like payment cards, passes, tickets and also use it to tap and pay. In those markets, the Google Pay app will become Google Wallet.
  • However in Singapore, the Google Pay app is a payments-centered app that contains more features to help people pay friends and save and manage money. This is why we are launching the Google Wallet app as an optional complement to the Google Pay app. 

As usual, I want to verify the information. So, I installed the Google Wallet and added my COVID-19 vaccination status.

How to add Vaccination Card to Google Wallet

First of all, you will need to get your vaccination certification status from website like Notarise. I have done a video on it previously. CHECK IT OUT.

Once done, you will receive an email. In my Gmail, I can scroll down to the bottom of the email and you will see this.

Click on “Save to phone” and choose “Google Pay”.

Once done, you will get confirmation screen and also advisory information about sharing information. Click on “Agree” to proceed.

Once done, you can see the Vaccination Certificate in your Google Wallet.

That is all it takes to keep it on Google Wallet. I have not tried Boarding Pass or tickets yet. If you have done it, do let me know. It should look like this.

And if possible, let me know how you are using your Google Wallet especially that it can store a number of loyalty cards.

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