Samsung Unpacked: Year of the Tiger

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2022 is happening on the 9th February 2022. That is just a few days away. Recently, Samsung released another video showing a Tiger on those 3D screens in a few cities around the world. Are you ready for the “epic” release of their new flagship products?

The video showcased a few cities like Seoul, New York, London, Dubai and etc. Check out the video

Not sure if this is deliberate. This year is the year of the Tiger in the Chinese calendar. And the release of this video during the Lunar New Year period is a brilliant move. I am sure many will think that this is an auspicious video to the start of the Chinese New Year. What do you think?

Based on the rumors, the products to be revealed are the Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone series and/or the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 tablet series. Please take these rumors with a pinch of salt.

There are many leaked pictures online on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series. Go and Google it. In the meanwhile, I will just wait for a few days for the official launch.

Check out the official Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2022 trailer.

Or you can follow this link below to register your interest in the launch and receive an $80 voucher.

Or you can visit this link to watch the official event.

Galaxy UNPACKED 2022 – The Official Samsung Galaxy Site

The official Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2022 is happening on the 9th February 2022 at 11 pm Singapore time.

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