Xiaomi Introduces Cyberdog

Xiaomi is venturing into robotics. It has recently announced its latest product, the Xiaomi Cyberdog. At first glance, it looks like Boston Dynamics Spot. Currently, the Cyberdog is in limited quantity and at a very attractive price.

Before you think of getting one, you must know that Xiaomi only has 1,000 units and is targeted at Xiaomi’s friends, robot fanatics and etc. The price is just RMB 9,999 (approx. S$2,096). This is affordable if you compare it with Boston Dynamics’ Spot.

As this is the first version, it has limited features. It has 12 motors for moving the legs and joints. It can be controlled by remote controller or by voice. Basically, the Cyberdog consists of motors and sensors and is powered by AI.

Xiaomi wanted robot enthusiasts to try out the robot. The Cyberdog is scalable like upgrading the software or adding hardware to it.

Check out the Cyberdog in action.

Click Here to Check Out Xiaomi Cyberdog

Will you want such a robot dog?

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