LG Officially Announced the Closure of LG Mobile

In a post on LG website, LG is officially announcing the closure of LG Mobile business There are rumors on it previously and the day has finally arrived.

If you cannot see the image above, here is the information on the page.

We are truly grateful for your support of LG mobile products.

LG has recently made the difficult decision to close its mobile business to focus on other businesses that will provide new experiences and value for the consumers.

Our mobile products will continue to be available while supplies last, which will vary from country to country.

We will fully honor our product limited warranties, and will also continue to provide software and security updates as well as replacement parts in accordance with applicable regulations and contractual obligations.

We want to THANK YOU for your loyalty and support of LG Mobile. We hope that you will embrace our other smart technologies, as LG continues to deliver a wide range of innovative products and services that make life better.

The last product from LG Mobile that I know of is the LG Wing, a controversial design which created some buzz during the launch.

It is a reality check on the competitiveness of the mobile market. I guess LG has decided to make this announcement after careful consideration. Not sure how many employees are affected by the LG Mobile closure announcement.

If you are worried of getting mobile support because you have just bought a new phone from LG, there should be no worries as LG has stated in their FAQ regarding the support.

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Check Out LG Official Announcement Here

Are you affected by it?