Fake News? Use Google Fact Check Explorer

I have been using Google products for a long time and yet I did not know about this useful tool. It is called Google Fact Check Explorer, and currently, it has over 100,000 fact-checked items.

Nowadays, we are bombarded with news but some of them might be fake. It will be tedious for you to check various websites to verify the news. How do we identify fake news?

If you trust Google’s Fact Checker tool, it might be the easier solution. By simply going to the website, you can key in the news and it will curate the best results collected from reputable publishers.


For example, if you check “Joe Biden did not win the election”, it will immediately show you the results (which is false, of course), stating that Joe Biden legally won the election. You can follow the various link to read more about it.

So, in future, before you want to share news that might be fake to your friends or social networks, do spend a minute on this free Google website to get the fact checked.

Let me know if this is useful, or how did you verify any news from the Internet. I am interested to know.