HDB Introduces Parking@HDB with Barrier-Free Entry

HDB is getting innovative in a good way. HDB is introducing barrier-free parking for their newest HDB flats in Punggol – Northshore Residences I and II.

How does this work?

The new parking system has no gantry barriers. When a vehicle enters the car park, the parking system detects and automatically activates the parking session through a mobile parking app. Parking charges are collected backend and there is no need for motorists to manually activate the app or remember to top up their cashcards when they exit. If the motorist illegally parks, the system will send an alert first, so the motorist can shift the car.

If you do not wish to download the app, you will still be able to enter and park in the car park. Payment will be through the cashcard in the vehicle IU as per current EPS car parks.

However, since there is no alert if you park illegally, the system will alert HDB to administer enforcement from the backend.

That is not all, it has light indicators to indicate the lot status. Green means lot is free for Season or Short Term parking. Orange is for Season parking only. Based on data collected, the number of visitors’ or seasons’ lot might be adjusted accordingly.

They will capture the car plate before you enter. If you have been to some carparks in Singapore (like Jewel Changi Airport), you might have seen the camera in action before.

The app will be available from 4th January 2021 for iOS and Android.

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Motorists who download and use the Parking@HDB app will enjoy free parking for their first three parking sessions at the carpark PL80.

I believe if this is successful, car parks in HDB will be barrier-free in the near future. What do you think about this technology?

BTW, HDB has appointed Sun Singapore Systems Pte Ltd to manage this parking system.