VIO Launches Subscription-based Smart Lighting Service

A Singapore company, VIO, has launched a subscription-based smart lighting service. It even has its own app for iOS and Android. If you are into smart living, this solution might suit you.

I am a little concern about the subscription model. Instead of one time fee to purchase a smart light, there will be recurring payment (subscription) for these lights.

What you will get is peace of mind because the company will replace faulty lights or upgrade the lights if you want. And because these lights communicate via BlueTooth and WiFi within the unit itself, there is no need for any additional hub to control them. They can be controlled individually including the color.

There are a variety of lights to choose from. Nothing fanciful. Most of them are functional.

Do note that in the event that you decided to stop the subscription, these lights will have to go. You will need to replace them with other lights.

Based on the website, one ceiling light has a subscription fee of S$5.98 per month and one bulb is S$1.50 per month. If I consider the whole house, it will be quite a high cost.

Check out this video to see how it works.

Press Release

Smart living provider VIO launches in Singapore with the first ever subscription-based lighting service

  • The local startup seeks to enhance smart living accessibility for Singaporeans and make a difference to their wellbeing at home
  • VIO’s flexible lighting subscription model enables homeowners to upgrade their lights and conduct repairs whenever they need to 
  • Designed with well-being in mind, VIO offers a range of architectural smart lights that reduces eye strain and fatigue

SINGAPORE, 1 December 2020 – Smart living provider VIO launches Singapore’s first smart lighting subscription plan today. From downlights to RGB LED strips, users can dim the lights for stay-home movie nights, to cooler blue and white lights for work-from-home productivity through VIO’s smartphone app. Each smart light comes with the latest Bluetooth-WiFi technology for a swifter set-up process and does not require a bridge or neutral wiring, reducing the need to hack down walls. This is the first of many smart living solutions that VIO is set to offer. 

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As home automation continues to soar in popularity, so does the use of smart home devices – including Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Alexa. While video entertainment, home monitoring, and speakers took the lead in worldwide shipments – smart lights were noticeably absent on the list. This could be attributed to several factors: the full cost of implementing a smart lighting or home automation system can be a pricey affair for many households, and the installation process may be tricky for first-time owners who lack prior experience with smart lighting systems. 

Redefining smart living accessibility for homeowners

Driven by the ambition to serve homeowners and educate them on the benefits of well-designed illumination, VIO has launched the first-ever subscription-based model for smart lighting in Singapore, targeted at homeowners seeking affordable, hassle-free, and versatile lighting solutions. First-time users can select from a range of architectural lighting solutions available on VIO’s website that adapts to a home’s existing layout. The subscription model includes pre-and-post after-sales care for its users, who can request for repairs or upgrade to newer models through the site.

“Good lighting can transform a home and accentuate certain interior features. Without it, the impact of a home’s design diminishes. This affects how household members work, live and play – as lighting affects mood, productivity, and energy levels,” said Wilson Poon, Co-Founder of VIO,” The smart light industry has high growth potential, as more Singaporeans look to smart home technologies that add value to their standard of living. We look forward to making smart home lighting more accessible for the consumers, with our unique subscription-based model.”

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“We are excited to offer smart lighting solutions that provide consumers with the flexibility of choosing various lightings at a low investment. They’ll have access to our full suite of services, allowing them to swap out and upgrade their lights whenever they want to,” said Kean Chiow, Co-Founder, VIO,” Under the SME Go Digital programme, we’ve enhanced our digital capabilities which enabled our team to enhance our digital capabilities and take the brand online.”

Thoughtfully-designed lights for better wellbeing

Lighting helps to create the desired ambience in the spaces where we live, play, and work. Beyond its primary function to provide visibility, good lighting helps set the tone for date nights, improve our concentration, and even help us regulate our mood. 

Poor lighting affects an individual’s mood and may cause discomfort to users due to excessive brightness. Each lighting fixture from VIO is non-stroboscopic, and has a low Unified Glare Rating (UGR) of <19 that reduces eye strain and discomfort from glare. The lights have scores ranging from 80 in the (Colour Rendering Index) to render colours more accurately and accentuate a home’s interior. The smart lights can be controlled individually through VIO’s smartphone app which enables users to dim, adjust, change, or schedule scene settings. 

All lights come with a lifetime guarantee with the purchase of VIO’s subscription plan, starting from SGD 1.50. The smart lights are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

To learn more about each product in detail, please visit VIO’s smartphone app is available for download at Apple’s App Store and Google Play

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About VIO

VIO is a Singapore-based smart living provider with nine employees. Founded in 2019, VIO is driven by the ambition to make smart living much more accessible to consumers through its subscription model. Its product portfolio enables homeowners to accentuate their houses and create meaningful experiences that are cumulative of VIO’s expertise in the home and design industry, to help its users thrive. 

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