Temasek Foundation to Distribute 2nd Round of Free Reusable Mask Soon

Temasek Foundation is going to provide a second round of free reusable masks for Singapore residents from 21st September to 4th October, according to Temasek chief executive and executive director Ho Ching on her Facebook post.

The first round of free reusable mask was done in June. This time round, each resident can get 2 reusable masks. If you notice that the graphic is very low resolution, that is because is is not completed yet.

Full details of the distribution is not announced officially. However, based on the Facebook post, there are a lot of information.

Here is the Facebook post.

If you could not read it, here is the content.

Some folks have asked if it’s true that Temasek Foundation will be distributing another round of free reusable masks.

Yup! It’s true.

The TF folks have been planning this for some time, and were working to make a formal announcement before this weekend.

** Free pair of Adult White **
As before, any Singapore resident, Singaporeans as well as non-Singaporeans, may collect a free mask kit containing a pair of masks each, using their Government issued ID.

Just bring along a pink or blue IC, or a FIN card, or a driving licence, or even as PAssioncard.

Any Government issued ID with a barcode will do.

And yes, maids or workers on work passes may also collect their free pair of masks, using their FIN card.

** Free Kid White available **
Some folks liked their DET30 masks from the last round, and suggested having kid size versions.

The TF folks have heard you, and will offer free Kid White for this round. These masks are suitable from toddlers to 12 years old.

Just bring along their birth cert, their student pass, or their FIN.

Each card may be used to collect one free kit containing 2 masks.

Bigger size pre-teen kids may prefer to upsize and collect an Adult White, if they wish.

However, a pre-teen child’s ID will be needed to collect a free kid size DET30 reusable mask kit – we can’t use an adult’s ID to collect a free Kid White mask kit.

** Pre-order for White **
Those who wish to have more masks may pre-order online up to 10 extra kits per person, at $8 per kit, for both the Adult White and/or the Kid White DET30 masks.

Each kit has 2 reusable masks.

** Pre-order other colours **
We may also pre-order up to 10 Adult Navy masks per person at $8 per kit, or $8 per pair.

In addition, we may pre-order up to 5 kits per person in the limited edition colours of Black, Peach natural dye, and/or light Denim blue natural dye, in Adult or Kid sizes, at $10 per kit.

** Pre-order process **
Pre-order is open from this coming Sunday till 2 Oct Friday.

Pre-orders are subject to availability.

Once we have paid for our pre-orders online, or via Pay Lah!, we will receive a QR code which is then used for collection.

** Collection **
Collection of both free or pre-ordered masks will start 21 Sep Monday after next, till 4 Oct Sunday, over a 2 week period.

There are ample supplies of the Adult White and Kid White masks, so feel free to go collect your free kit, after the 1st 3 days to avoid crowds.

Hope this helps.

Visitors to Sg who don’t have any Singov issued ID, may pre-order online.

The infographics below is incomplete – it’s still a work in progress – it does not show the Adult Navy which is available through online pre-order.

So, get ready to get free reusable face masks again. Aren’t you glad you are living in Singapore during this COVID-19 pandemic?