Review: Singapore Uniqlo AIRism Face Mask

Uniqlo launches the AIRism face mask in white and in black in Singapore on 24th August 2020. Each person is restricted to one package per color. Here is my honest review.


Unlike in Japan where the mask is sold in white only during launch and created long queues outside Uniqlo, the Singapore launch is more subtle. There are queues but seems like there is enough supply to cater to the demand.

I did not join in the queue. With the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, it seems a better choice to buy online. I ordered online (one white and one black in L size) via the Uniqlo website and collected at a Uniqlo near my house. I made the purchase on the 25th August and got it on the 27th August. Uniqlo is really efficient.

First look

I did a video on it when I got them. Check it out.

Do check out the TechieLobang YouTube channel for more videos

Here is the PFE (Particle Filtration Efficiency) or BFE (Bacteria Filtration Efficiency) rating. Surprisingly, it has a PFE rating of 99% and a BFE rating of 99%. However, do note that after 20 washes, it will decrease to 93% for PFE and 95% for BFE. In my opinion, it is still very good.


The face mask is soft and thin. I have a few reusable masks. The moment I touch the Uniqlo AIRism mask, I knew that it has really good quality.

There is an AIRism logo inside the face mask. I do see pictures and people walking in the street wearing the logo facing outside. This is INCORRECT!

Here is the instruction on the package – “AIRism logo side to be worn facing in”.

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The outer layer has UV protection. That is why it is important to wear it correctly.

I wore the face mask on a couple of occasions that lasted a few hours on each one. The face mask really fits well on the face. It is a surprise because it does not have the usual nose wire to hold the mask to the nose bridge. That is also a problem too. I will talk about that later.

As you can see from the picture below, the face mask goes all the way down to the chin area. Yes, it does cover up slight double chin.

The ear band is slightly elastic. If you have a broad face, it might create some discomfort as it is not very stretchable. Do check out the size chart before purchase.

Here are some of my experiences after wearing it. It is comfortable on the touch. Without the nose wire, and with the mask covering below the chin, the problem is that when you talk, the mask will be pulled down due to the mouth movement and at times, you need to re-adjust the mask back to the right position.

The face mask is very well-made and really covers the mouth and nose well. However, as you breathe, hot air will be generated and it will need an outlet. One of the outlets is that it will penetrate through the material which is very difficult. Another outlet is the gap on the face mask and it happens to be the nose bridge area when I was using it.

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If you are wearing glasses, it might fog out the glasses as the hot air expels out. One way to solve the problem is to have your glasses sit on the face mask. However, that created another “problem”. The face mask will be so tight and fitting that it will take more effort to breathe through it.

This is NOT a defect. In fact, it is very important that you choose a mask to fit your face properly so that you can protected. However, it will cause some discomfort.


With the pricing of S$14.90 for 3 pieces of quality face mask in a package that you can reuse for 20 times each, I think the Uniqlo AIRism face mask is value-for-money.

I have seen ill-fitting face mask being sold in the market. If you want one that fits you well, I recommend that you try out the AIRism face mask.

If your job requires you to talk, this face mask might not be suitable as it will slip down the nose.

Overall, I am satisfy with it and this is my honest review. Let me know your experiences with it.