HUAWEI P40 Pro+ Cinematic Video Review

Took the HUAWEI P40 Pro+ to a park connector in Singapore and started shooting with it. One thing leads to another and here it is, a short demo of the video capturing feature of the device.

Here is the video that I captured and trying as hard as possible to make it look cinematic. Was contemplating using LUTs to make it better but I want to preserve the color captured from the phone itself. Therefore, the video is purely editing and no other alteration on the colors.

If you notice in the video, I tried to use some of the features of the phone. For example: –

  • Optical Zoom
  • Zoom Sound
  • Stabilization

And the images in this blog post are also captured using the HUAWEI P40 Pro+ and edited using the very basic editor found on Windows 10 PC.

I wish the wide-angle could be even wider.

The optical zoom is really good for such occasion.

Unfortunately, there is no macro lens on the P40 Pro+. I can only make-do with the zoom feature.

Overall, in bright light, the zoom features of the P40 Pro+ really shine. The image quality is great although it tries to over-compensate by increasing the light automatically.

On the stabilization part, it is getting better but I do see gaps when it comes to low light conditions.

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